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Creating the right Energy to your house is to create the right Balance for You.

With INLINE HOME DESIGN we believe our Home is Human´s most basic need after breathing, eating and sleeping. Therefore should require a lot of attention, because  specially in the days we live in  it´s where we spend most of our Time.

Do you know that the way your house is built, how does it smell, feels or how is organised, can have a massive impact on your Physical & Mental health and general well-being?

Image by XPS


Space to relax, read, paint, write, listen to music and socialise!

The living room is a social space in a house but can also be a space where you can develop your creativity and relax by reading a book or listening to our favourite music

Don´t know how to be creative anymore?

We can also help you with that!...

You know which furniture, colours, materials, textures and objects to use and where they should be placed to create a more balanced space?


Devices free

Our bed is the space where we spend most of our time. at least 8 hours a day...

Do you know that more than 85% of the people check their phones before and after bed?

If you are one of them, don´t worry!

We can tell you what to do instead to improve your SLEEPING pattern and create the best space for you to sleep.


The space within your home for work and tech-devices.

Specially with the pos-pandemic online work lifestyle it is not only a luxury but an essential NEED that we create a space in the house for the working times and create a Healthy DAILY ROUTINE that fits your needs and the daily work tasks.

We can help you building your daily routine where Body, Mind and Soul can live in perfect Balance.

Green Cabinet
Refurbished Kitchen


Time to Relax and take care of our Body

The bathroom ritual is something that we lost in our rush modern daily-lives.

Improving your relationship with the element Water and using rituals for the body will improve your stress levels and boost the immune system just as a green smoothie!


Stress relief

Who doesn´t feel immediately Zen when looking at a Buddha statue, feeling an essential oil or looking at a candle?

Along with some personal special objects, insence and essential oils...creating a sacred corner will make you feel that you always have a safe space whenever you need to.


Clean, Tidy and Inspiring!

A kitchen is not only a space to cook. It´s a space where we prepare one of the most important things of our lives: Food.

We usually say that Sleeping, Eating and Breathing are the main sources of energy of the body, along with Water.

Do you struggle with your food patterns or how to cook? We can also help you with that.

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